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Protecting product integrity

Trust In Our Commitment To Product Integrity

For ExxonMobil Aviation, safeguarding product integrity is a core value. When you purchase ExxonMobil Aviation fuels and lubricants, you can rely on their trusted, proven performance—backed by an unwavering focus on operational excellence and more than a century of innovation and technology leadership.


Only ExxonMobil’s network of authorized distributors can demonstrate the same shared value system where commitment to integrity, reliability and quality are paramount. Moove Aviation prides itself on total commitment and adherence to ExxonMobil’s values and we undergo periodic evaluations to ensure the highest level of operational standards.


ExxonMobil Aviation encourages you to purchase directly from ExxonMobil Aviation, or one of their authorized distributors (like Moove Aviation) only.


ExxonMobil Aviation lubricants are manufactured and tested extensively and authenticated with a Certificate of Analysis (COA), available upon request to all customers and distributors. Please Contact an Expert at Moove Aviation to request a CoA.