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Commercial passenger plane centred perfectly in frame and is situated on the runway, accompanied with the ExxonMobil jet engine oil range, distributed in Europe by Moove Aviation

The Jet Engine Oils built for today and tomorrow...

With an ambition of having the most forward thinking products within the aviation and lubricants industry, Mobil Jet Oils from ExxonMobil are designed to meet today and tomorrow’s aviation challenges.

Mobil Jet Oils have been specially formulated for the conditions in which turbine engines operate; manufactured by Exxon Mobil to withstand the extreme and volatile conditions of Jet Turbines. These products consist of; Mobil Jet Oil II, Mobil Jet Oil 387 and Mobil Jet Oil 254.

Without sacrificing on quality to achieve versatility, Mobil Jet Oils are suitable for a range of applications in both commercial and military service. Furthermore, the oils are versatile in nature and are also suitable for aircraft-type gas turbine engines used in industrial or marine applications.

The Oils have been designed and manufactured to tailor to bespoke specifications; depending on the turbine model. A table of benefits and product specifications unpacks each products’ premium to ultimate features further: 

  High Performance Classification (HPC) High Thermal Stability (HTS) Standard Type II
  Mobil Jet Oil 387 Mobil Jet Oil 254 Mobil Jet Oil II
Wear Protection *** ** ***
Corrosion Protection ** ** **
Deposit Control *** *** **
Thermal & Oxidation Stability *** *** **
High/ Low Temperature Viscosity *** *** ***
Oxidation Stability *** *** **
Low Temperature Fluidity *** * **
  Table Source     

Ultimate (***)
Superior (**)
Premium (*)

Mobil Jet Oil II

This was the first standard Type II oil on the market, and even after half a century, it continues to be the preferred oil of choice and is used by more than 50% of aircrafts currently in operation.

A second-generation oil that helps keep engines clean and operating at maximum efficiency, laboratory tests and engine inspections have confirmed it can sustain outstanding protection at tremendous speeds, and even temperatures up to 400° Fahrenheit without breaking down. Other quality attributes of the Mobil Jet Oil II include excellent deposit control, supreme elastomer compatibility, and exemplary wear performance. Having undergone an extensive range of approvals over the decades, it provides operators increased levels of flexibility. 

Mobil Jet Oil 387

With over 10 years of extensive research and development invested in the product, Mobil Jet Oil 387 is one of the most rigorously tested oils on the market; both on the ground and in flight.

This oil is designed with custom-made molecules to deliver the finest engine performance and aid operators in avoiding any unscheduled or premature engine maintenance. The oil provides exceptional elastomer compatibility that in turn helps minimise oil leaks that could otherwise cause delays, cancellations and costly repairs. This oil also helps operators maximise revenue-generating hours through the reduction of unscheduled maintenance, due to it providing optimal wear protection, oxidative and thermal stability, and phenomenal deposit control. Even in extreme temperatures as low as -40° Fahrenheit this oil offers excellent fluidity. These features all contribute to Mobil Jet Oil 387 delivering a balance that has never before been achieved with turbine oil. 

Mobil Jet Oil 254

Mobil Jet Oil 254 is a third-generation, HTS oil that has been formulated to deliver fantastic high-temperature thermal stability and improved resistance to deterioration and deposit control which can meet even the most demanding requirements of modern technology. Research and engineering demonstrated Mobil Jet Oil 254 offers excellent resistance to coking and provides spectacular protection against oxidation and corrosion. Laboratory tests indicate this product provides a 40% advantage in higher-temperature bulk oil stability than competitive HTS oils also tested.

Moove Aviation is a dedicated and authorised European distributor of ExxonMobil Oils and Lubricants; if you wish to speak to an expert regarding these products you can click here, or to request a quote for these products click here.