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Close up of a jet engine turbine, in greyscale, to represent where ExxonMobil's jet engine oil would be used

What is Mobil Jet Oil?

Mobil Jet Oil is a class leading lubricant for aircraft, available in three distinct product offerings with unmistakable livery; consisting of Mobil Jet Oil II, Mobil Jet Oil 387 and Mobil Jet Oil 254. Comprising of the highest quality base stock and additive formulation, Mobil Jet Oils withstand extreme temperatures that can vary from - 40°C to 250°C: the conditions experienced in aviation and aerospace industries as a matter of routine.

This synthetic lubricant manufactured by ExxonMobil meets and exceeds the requirements that standard petroleum-based oils are not capable of. It is in part due to the complicated science of developing Mobil Jet Oil that it can take between seven and fifteen years from creation to full approval and commercialisation. Not only is it time consuming, but having the Mobil Jet Oils approved to military and AE AS5780 specifications is both difficult and costly, something that demonstrates the desire to provide MRO customers with the most efficient, high quality jet oils on the market.

The base stock used is selected on the premise that the final oil product will need to operate in juxtaposing temperature conditions. The base stock reacts to polyhydric alcohols with fatty acids. This in turn results in a chemical compound with exceptional thermal stability, known as neopentyl polyol esters.

Arguably, the most important substances in the additive package are antioxidants. In a sacrificial way, the antioxidants degrade while protecting the base stock and prevents the jet oil form forming harmful deposits. This can be the cause of discolouration often noted with jet oils in service.

So how do Moove Aviation know that Mobil Jet Oil is one of the best products out there?

  • As a distributor, we are unique in the fact that we exclusively specialise in ExxonMobil aviation products, resulting in unequalled quality control and customer service
  • ExxonMobil manufacture both high-quality, class-leading base stocks & additives, packaging the final product under controlled environments
  • After testing, a certificate of quality is issued by ExxonMobil for each batch of jet oil produced.

Moove Aviation is at the forefront of distributing the finest aviation lubricants available from ExxonMobil; who spend years developing and improving top of the range jet oils that surpass the expectations our customers.

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