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Vibrant blue sky featuring a commercial jet ascending for the purposes of including a full plane to depict the ExxonMobil nose to tail offer, also offered by Moove Aviation

What is the ExxonMobil Aviation Nose-to-tail offer from Moove?

The Nose-to-tail offer from Moove Aviation is a comprehensive guide to the best ExxonMobil aviation products to be used on your aircraft fleet. 

Whether your planes require attention to the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), Hydraulic Systems, Landing Gear, Main Engine or Primary & Secondary Flight Controls, Moove Aviation have products to cater for most, if not all requirements.


Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

Those with a strong interest in aviation will be aware of the necessity of an efficient APU. As the part of an aircraft responsible for starting the main engines in the event of an emergency, good cold-temperature performance is vital. Thus, the turbine engine oil must be of a low viscosity. One of the best products in this category is the Mobil Jet Oil II. With phenomenal low-temperature fluidity and seal compatibility, this product is suitable for commercial and military aircraft, rightfully earning its legendary status within the industry.


Hydraulic Systems

The Mobil Hyjet IV-A Plus and the Mobil HyJet V are two hydraulic fluids that help keep the hydraulic systems of an aircraft running at peak efficiency. The IV-A delivers long fluid life, low density, high-temperature stability and rust protection. The Exxon HyJet V differs in that it is a lower density fluid and has double the fluid life of an IV fluid. While both fluids would match requirements, the V fluid is a truly supreme product.


Landing Gear

As the part of a plane responsible for supporting the entire weight of an aircraft during take-off, landing and ground operations, it goes without saying that the landing gear needs to be in optimum condition at all times. High-duty cycle operation in high-debris environments is frequent and can cause degradation of the hydraulic fluid. Greases have a major role in the protection of this equipment and Mobil Aviation Grease SHC 100 is recommended for use on wheel bearings, landing gear bearings, slides and joints. It offers exceptional protection against wear, rust, corrosion and high temperature and remains stable in the presence of water.


Main Engine

A vital part of any aircraft, Mobil Jet Oil II is the definitive product used on this machinery. However, due to advancements in the science of aviation lubricants, Mobil Jet Oil 387 is the newest product to the market that not only equals the exceptional performance of the Jet Oil II and Jet Oil 254 - it betters them!


Airframe & Primary/Secondary Flight Controls

The airframe along with the hinged or moveable surfaces that control the stability and direction of a fixed-wing aircraft during operation, they are continually exposed to the elements and general wear suffered through use. MobilGrease 28 & MobilGrease 33 offer protection against this wear and corrosion, consequently helping operators reduce costs through extending equipment life. 

As a world-class market leader, ExxonMobil continually makes efforts to ensure it is at the forefront of the aviation and aerospace industry, ensuring customers have access to the best aviation lubricants products. Moove Aviation recognise the need to supply products developed using the latest, most innovative science and technology. Access all the ExxonMobil aviation products from our website and request a quote – one of our specialist customer representatives will be in touch and dispatch can be arranged from one of the various logistics hubs across Europe.

For more information on ExxonMobil aviation products from Moove, please click here.