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The Exxon HyJet range: A new look, with the same great quality!

It has been announced that the Exxon HyJet™ products will be re-branded to sit under the world-renowned Mobil™ umbrella. This includes the HyJet lubricant range, namely the Exxon HyJet™ V and Exxon HyJet™ IV-A plus.

Despite the re-branding and changes to the visual outer packaging, the formulations, industry/OEM approvals and performance quality will remain unchanged.

Changes to the products will be as follows;

  • Product names; Exxon HyJet V will be rebranded to Mobil HyJet V
  • Product labelling; Exxon HyJet IV-Aplus will be rebranded to Mobil HyJet IV-Aplus
  • Product packaging; changes will apply to all styles including quarts, gallons, cartons & drums  
  • Where applicable, updates are being made to ensure compliance with labelling requirements under the Global Harmonized System (GHS) and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • The re-brand will consist of a transition over time to circulate the new look. Products with the existing packaging designs will continue to be distributed to work through remaining product inventories.


If you have any questions relating to the change in product design please contact your Moove Aviation specialist, or the team, here.


Unfamiliar with the Exxon HyJet V or HyJet IV-A plus?

Exxon HyJet™ hydraulic fluids are widely acknowledged as offering top performance compared to alternative hydraulic fluids in the aviation market. They host fire-resistant phosphate esters which are designed for use in commercial aircraft, providing power conveyance, heat transfer protection and protection against wear and corrosion.

Benefits of HyJet V

  • Exceptional stability (Vs. Type IV) for reduced maintenance costs 
  • Maintains precise system control at log and high temperatures
  • Wear, rest and corrosion protection helps extend equipment life
  • Low density helps reduce load weight and provide fuel savings
  • HyJet V offers more than 2x the fluid life of Type IV hydraulic fluids.


Benefits of HyJet™ IV-A plus

  • Boasts the lowest density Type IV fluid commercially available in the market today
  • Low density for light load weight, promoting potential fuel savings
  • High-temperature stability for longer fluid and component life (when compared to leading competitive Type IV fluids)
  • Wear, rust and corrosion protection helps extend equipment life
  • Low density helps reduce load weight and provide fuel savings.


Our promise is simple, customer first – what you need, where and when you need it. Every time. Contact the team to discuss the product's benefits in more detail.

Moove Lubricants is an Authorised ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants distributor in Europe. Moove operates extensively throughout South America, Europe and Asia, representing Mobil products in the automotive, industrial, marine and aviation sectors.