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Large 787 Boeing dreamliner approved for ExxonMobil 387 Jet Oil

Mobil Jet Oil 387 approved for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner

Mobil Jet™ Oil 387 has been approved by Boeing, adding to the oil approval list granted for the B787 AMM.

Mobil Jet Oil 387 is one of the most thoroughly tested oils ever brought to market with 10 years of product development and field testing, so it is no surprise that the approval was granted in early 2018. Mobil Jet Oil 387 has a proven ability to help improve the life of modern jet engines, as highlighted by the partnership between ExxonMobil and Japan Airlines (JAL).

Japan Airlines have benefited from a reduction in maintenance costs and engine repairs, whilst using Mobil Jet Oil products, namely Jet Oil 387.

The fleet increased efficiencies and made operations more economical for JAL, due to cost savings on maintenance repairs and overhaul; resulting in less frequent engine servicing. We explored the relationship between ExxonMobil and JAL's success in further detail on our blog; viewable here

Mobil Jet Oil 387 promotes a host of advantages and benefits;

  • Outstanding deposit control
  • Excellent low-temperature fluidity
  • And effective lubrication in low-level temperatures of -40 °F.


A full product list is viewable here, detailing the specifications available through the high-performance oil.

Due to the product's versatility and performance qualities, which are designed to suit the rigorous demands of both today and tomorrow's jet engines, Boeing's latest endorsement is a testament to the quality of ExxonMobil’s range of aviation lubricants.

Moove Lubricants is an Authorised ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants distributor in Europe. Moove operates extensively throughout South America, Europe and Asia; representing Mobil products in the automotive, industrial, marine and aviation sectors.

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