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Vintage style image in greyscale featuring a large jet engine attached to a plane, photographed in a close up format

Jet Oil II best-selling lubricant 50 years on

Moove Aviation is proud to distribute ExxonMobil's Mobil Jet™ Oil II, the legendary second-generation oil that has helped keep turbine engines clean and operating at their maximum efficiency for over 50 years. The consistent high performance of this material has made it the aviation lubricant of choice for many of the world’s leading airlines.

Proven by exhaustive laboratory testing and 50 years on wing service, Jet Oil II is able to withstand the stress, extreme speeds and engine temperatures required in modern aircraft engines. 

Why should you put your trust in Mobil Jet™ Oil II?

Firstly, Jet Oil II provides excellent deposit control, which helps maintain engine cleanliness, thus reducing maintenance costs. Secondly, it offers outstanding elastomer compatibility, helping maximize component life and keeping oil consumption levels at a minimum. Jet Oil II can also be trusted to deliver exceptional wear performance, again reducing maintenance costs, as component replacements are more infrequent. Extended engine gear and bearing life are other benefits of using this ExxonMobil aviation oil. Furthermore, exceptional low-temperature fluidity and protection at high speeds can be attained through the use of Mobil Jet™ Oil II.

These attributes have played a major role in some of the extraordinary feats achieved by airlines using Mobil Jet™ Oil II. In 2012, German airline TUIfly achieved a new record, with one of the engines of a Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 aircraft operating for over 10 years. This was largely testament to the lubrication performance; something achieved using Mobil Jet Oil II.

Japan Airlines is another aviation organisation to use Mobil Jet Oil II and have been experiencing the benefits of the product for over 50 years. After half a century of consistent high-performance and a relationship built on trust, Japan Airlines had every confidence to begin using Mobil Jet™ Oil 387, the newest ExxonMobil product on the market, another lubricant distributed by Moove Aviation.

As the aviation industry continually evolves, new lubricants will always be developed to meet the changing needs of airlines and aircraft. Thus, it is proof to the quality of Mobil Jet™ Oil II that a lubricant first introduced to the market in 1963, still remains a much-desired product for some of the most forward-thinking and pioneering airlines and MRO services in the world.

Moove Aviation is an authorised ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants distributor in Europe and is part of Moove Lubricants who operate extensively throughout South America, Europe and Asia; representing Mobil lubricants in the automotive, industrial, marine and aviation sectors.


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