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Yellow Mobil Jet Oil 387 barrels on an industrial conveyor belt, bending round to the left of view

Beyond Mere Product Supply

Moove Aviation is an authorised European ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants distributor – a specialist, and dedicated solely to Mobil lubricants. Operating throughout Europe, Moove Aviation has extensive European scope and reach, with strategically located storage and logistics hubs in the UK, Spain and France, and dedicated distribution partners in other markets, helping to provide the reliable and time-sensitive delivery solution clients expect. 

Logistics hubs in these locations support the high-level of Moove Aviation operational capability, with the ability to deliver to any European location as quickly as 24 - 72 hours. However, it is, of course, the people that help this efficient system work so well and that take Moove beyond merely being 'box-shifters' of ExxonMobil products.

Moove Aviation is proud to boast a dedicated team of industry experts with decades of aviation sector and lubricants experience, each committed to providing an excellent level of service delivery. These specialists are dedicated to helping clients find the right solution to demanding aviation MRO challenges. Their knowledge on the specifications of all ExxonMobil Jet oils, greases and other aviation lubricants - along with a broad insight into varying aviation sectors - make the Moove Aviation team the 'go to' experts for any queries clients may have. However technical – they will get you the correct answer.

Alongside Moove Aviation's decades of experience, ExxonMobil Aviation lubricants have undergone over 100 years of Research & Development. Ever since the famous Wright Brothers’ maiden flight in 1903, ExxonMobil aviation lubricants have been evolved to not only keep pace with the changing industry, but to set the benchmark of lubricant effectiveness and efficiency.

With the full range of ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants readily available, accompanied by the collective expertise from technical solution providers, Moove Aviation is in a unique market position, able to advise on and offer support to, the extreme technical challenges facing the Aviation sector.

In an industry where delicately balancing economies with zero tolerance of risk is increasingly evident, aircraft owners need assurance that the oils, greases and lubricants they use will help keep maintenance and repairs to a minimum - while not negatively impacting the safety of the airborne fleet. Moove Aviation is a strong advocate of the vital combination of premium quality products and specialist field expertise in helping aircraft owners achieve these ambitions without compromising safety.

Contact our technical solution providers to learn more about Moove Aviation and experience the exemplary level of customer service we have to offer our clients.

Moove Lubricants is an Authorised ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants distributor in Europe. Moove operates extensively throughout South America, Europe and Asia; representing Mobil products in the automotive, industrial, marine and aviation sectors.

For more information visit our product pages or email aviation@moovelub.com for a quote.